Essential Golf Cart Service and Maintenance Tips – Sports Radio 610

The Battery

It is essential to check regularly the charging system and battery of the golf cart. The battery needs to be fully recharged and maintained in good shape to assure maximum performance. Additionally, look for any moisture in the batteries. If needed, you can add the distilled water.


A regular cleaning of your golf cart is necessary to ensure its beauty and stop corrosion from rust. Use a mild soap as well as water to cleanse both the wheels and the body of the cart, and do not use abrasive cleaners.

Tire Pressure Maintenance

Always check the pressure of the tires. Ensure you have them properly inflated. The cart’s performance can be hindered if the tire pressure aren’t inflated correctly or are too high.

Maintenance of the brakes

Inspect the brake cables frequently and pads for brake wear and replace the brake pads as needed. Brakes that are not maintained properly could pose danger and could compromise the safety of the passengers. Regular visits to a mechanic with experience are advised to ensure that your golf cart is functioning smoothly and effectively.

Final thoughts

These important tips can aid you in extending your cart’s lifespan, increase its performance, save money on repairs, and also keep the cart safe.


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