9 Tips to Get Your Homes HVAC Unit Ready for Summer – HVAC Solutions for All Families

Immitting the source of debris to provide a more efficient method of removing the source. Your indoor parts of the system are also vulnerable to dirt and dust. Therefore, make sure to clear them of any obstruction before the cool season gets underway.

Think about covering the unit using a hailguard or tarp, to help prevent accumulation of dirt in the system. In order to stop the system from overheating be sure to cover it with a cover. Additionally, invest in a leaf guard as part of air conditioner maintenance tips for summer.

3. Be sure to wash condenser coils

Condenser is an outdoor metal unit that houses condenser coils. The role of these elements in the AC installation will be to soak up hot air inside the house and then disperse the heat outside. The cleaner the surface of the coils, the more effective the unit runs. With time, oil as well as dust may build up around the coils, which creates the formation of a “blanket” that blocks heat transfer and reduces AC effectiveness. It also increases the operating cost.

Cleaning your condenser coils begin by turning off the AC as well as the power source at the condensing device. Next, remove the bolts connecting the cover to the condenser. Be sure to keep keeping away from the bolts that hold the fan. If the fan of your unit is situated at the top of the unit, don’t stretch or damage any wiring. An expert is advised when you do not have the knowledge.

Clean any damaged aluminum fins or dead insects, dirt and leaves that were able to enter the machine using a small hand brush or smaller Broom. This improves flow of air and also cool. After that, you can use an hose to clean the air conditioner from inside-out, making sure not to get the components of the electrical system within your access panel.

Let the coils cool for fifteen minutes before covering them in your cleanser. By doing this, it will be able to break down the tougher grime dust, and dirt. Remove any residue using a clean, soft cloth.

To straighten bent fins, make use of fin-comb. Assemble the unit and reconnect energy.


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