The Science Behind Oil Water Separators – Blog Author

Have you heard of the oil-water separators? Maybe you’ve thought about their use. They’re extensively used in many sectors. The video below explains the way these devices function. An oil water separator’s purpose is to properly dispose of effluent. Like the name implies, this machine removes hydrocarbons, as well as makes the water safe to drink.

Coalescing plates help isolate oil water. Oily water passes through the plates in a horizontal manner. The oil drops rise to the surface of the plates as they pass through them. The force is weak and the droplets do not stick very effectively. As droplets come along, they form a film on the bottom of the plates. The film gets large enough so that its buoyancy overcomes the van der walls forces and starts to slide up the plate’s underside. It is this when the oil drops get to the plates’ tops, and out to the separator’s surface. This is the science of oil separators.


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