Moving IT Equipment in an Office Relocation Without Causing a Computer Crash – Computer Crash

Moving IT equipment when you move offices can be a difficult task. If you’re involved in planning the layout, make sure that the staff is on the same page about what the location of all equipment must be. This applies to cables as well as printers.

In order to do this, you need some tape and mark the location of each desk at the bottom of the desk. This will allow you to figure the total amount of cable or telephone lines as well as power connections needed. The risk of tripping could be due to a lack of or excessive number of cables.

7. Budget for New Technology

Make note of any obsolete technology that needs to be replaced in the course of completing an audit of the equipment you think should be moved. If you’ve got computers or phones, printers or other equipment that haven’t performed to ideal specifications, this could be the time to upgrade. Also, you should determine whether any of your current equipment is leased. If so, check the contract to find out if it’s allowed to relocate the equipment. You’ll have to get new equipment to replace that old model.

8. Servers for transfer

Ascertaining whether your IT department knows how to secure the servers in the new office is essential to shifting IT equipment for the office move. It is essential that the new site can be able to accommodate your servers for longevity of operation. The method to do this is:

Let enough air circulate so the servers don’t become overheated. Check that the devices that are connected can connect to the server. To safeguard the server from power surges make sure that the power source is controlled properly. Ensuring that your server is stored in a safe location.

Backups of your data on your server will be necessary for moving day. Following that, make sure you turn off the server prior to disassembling pieces. Keep track of the exact location of each piece to facilitate easy assembly at the new location.

Once the servers are set up


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