A Checklist for Winterizing Your Home or Business – Cleveland Internships

Checklist for winterizing your home lants. This will help protect their roots from cold temperatures in winter. If you want the best results Apply organic mulch, like bark chips, pine needles, straw, compost, hay or even leaves just a couple of inches away from the plants. It will reduce the chance from plant rot and the small rodents who may seek for refuge in the mulch by chewing on the plant you are trying to keep.
10. Servicing Your HVAC

Make sure to winterize your HVAC system. It will allow it to work efficiently and could reduce the amount you to spend on energy in the winter. The air conditioner to be very crucial at this time of year. It’s recommended to maintain your air conditioner throughout the year. If you’re using the internal portion of the HVAC replace your air filters, and then install an adjustable thermostat, if you don’t have one yet. This can lower costs for energy in the winter months and also make the unit run better. As for the outdoor unit, remove any debris that gets stuck to it including trash, grass clippings, and leaves. It should be covered with plywood to prevent any other debris including small rodentsfrom the winter. A layer of wax could be added to help protect the surface against the elements of winter. Take any snow off the condenser’s surface in the winter months to avoid adding weight or shifting.

This list will assist you to winterize your house so that it is ready for anything that comes. When you do this then it will be much simpler for you to keep an efficient and cozy home or business space throughout the time of the year. There’s no need to fret about any additional issues when the season’s new one comes around. It’s just a matter of preparing your space for the new season. It’s a fresh, new slate which doesn’t require a lot of work done on it. Do y


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